How do I get published?

Most obvious thing: write something and revise it as many times as you can stand it. Get critical input and build yourself a writing community – join or form a writing group, do a MFA program or mentorship program, seek input from writers-in-residence (at libraries, community centres, colleges/universities, etc – they are getting paid already to help you). Then be brave and send it out, knowing that mostly you’ll face rejection, but sometimes not. And the ‘sometimes not’ makes everything worth it.

Some practical resources below. These are mostly Canadian, since that’s where I live. I’d be delighted to add suggestions from other countries if you want to send them to me,

Mentoring Programs:

And although it’s fee-based, and not one-on-one, I’ve found Masterclass to be a terrific resource. I put in my earphones and walk for an hour a day listening to different classes. Obviously the writing ones, but also directing, storytelling, acting, gardening, etc. I even finally learned how to put on makeup watching Bobbi Brown. But it’s the middle of a pandemic, and I never go anywhere, so the new makeup skills are getting considerably less usage than writing scripts or growing green beans.

Many thanks to Anna, an emerging screen-writer, who forwarded me this terrific article on writing for film and theatre. She’s paying-it-forward, a good lesson for us all.

Publishers/Agents/Writing Organizations:

Industry Resources: Because being a writer also means being an entrepreneur, you need to understand how the industry works and be up to date on current news/events.

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